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Dodge Truck Resources
24 valve Cummins Turbodiesel fuel system modifications

Dodge Ram Towing Guide

Figure out Vehicle speed vs RPMs based on tire size, transmission, gear ratio

2nd generation 5th wheel / gooseneck plate

Info on Vision 19.5" wheels

3rd gen budget torque tube

2nd gen BHAF (cold air intake)

Convert PSI to KPA

3rd gen axle u-joint replacement

How to remove and replace trailer wheel bearings

Trucking Resources
FMCSA Safety Audit Checklist

My Excel trucking spreadsheet for calculating costs/gains (Right Click - Save As; requires Excel or compatible program) PLEASE NOTE THE VALUES IN THIS SPREADSHEET ARE FICTIONAL. GET ACTUAL VALUES FOR YOUR OWN SITUATION!

"To Do" list for all new for-hire operations

LandLine article "Take Control with your own operating authority"

Sample list of real (expired) car loads from CarsArrive.com.

Live list of car loads from MovingLoads.com

HotShotHauling.com - a great resource where you can post questions/comments and talk to other hotshotters.

Computer Resources
How to connect to Verizon's Mobile Office under Linux

HOWTO change passwords without a prompt under Linux

How to install MS streets & trips from/to a computer without the CD (Admin mode)

How to program GMRS frequencies on Olympia P324 Business UHF Radio (part 91 certified)

Jeep AW4 Neutral Safety Switch wiring

Home Improvement
Heating your home more efficiently with direct vented furnaces

Plumbing or running a natural gas line

Great Day hikes of the Ramapo Valley County Reservation"

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