budget "torque tube" on a 2003+

this is a parts list for building a budget "torque tube" on a 2003+ dodge ram

afe makes a torque tube that replaces the factory rubber hoses that go from the airbox to the turbo inlet. the factory hoses have huge baffles on them, most likely for federal noise reduction. removing them and replacing with nice mandrel bent will net a little bit of power (and a nice sound!).

afe torque tube runs about $95. you can built one literally just as good for a little more than half that. all parts from www.airflowonline.com.

item cost
(1) foot of 4" aluminum intake tubing $7
(2) 4" rubber 90 degree bends $24
(4) 4" t-bolt clamps $16
optional - (1) can of engine enamal $3

you can replace the t-bolt clamps with cheap 99 cent clamps, but they can brake. i would at least put a nice one on the turbo.

my torque tube with crappy clamps.

send suggestions to torquetube@cdevco.net.