FMCSA Safety Audit Checklist

Please note that this list may NOT be complete.

General Information Folder
List of equipment (trucks, tractors, trailers, plate numbers, etc.)
List of current driver's names and number for the last 350 days
List of corporate officers
Insurance Folder
Insurance liability coverage
MCS-90 form
BOC-3 form
Cargo insurance coverage
Accident Folder
Accident Register
All Accident Reports
Driver Qualification for Each Driver
Drivers application form
Inquiry to all previous employers
Inquiry to state agencies
Annual review of driving record
Annual driver's certificate of violations
Driver's road test or certificate of equivelent (i.e. copy of CDL)
Medical Examination
Previous drug & Alcohol test results
Drug and alcohol program for each driver
Drivers list of consortium
Post Accident
Logs for each driver
Logbooks or Time cards if 100 mile radius
Supporting documents (Fuel, meal tickets, tolls, etc.)
Disciplinary policy for non-compliance
Maintenance files for each Vehicle
Make & Model, VIN, tire size, and year
Planned Maintenance Program
Annual Inspecitons
Maintenance File Records (receipts, etc.)
Brake Inspector Qualification
Inspection Reports
Hazmat (if applicable)
Certificate of registration
Shipping papers
Cargo tank certifications
HM Training for drivers and employees (CDL with HM and cargo tank endorsements will fulfill driver training requirements)
Record Keeping
General Information
General Awareness
Safety Training