Vision 19.5" wheel

19.5" wheels allow for a single rear wheel truck to hold as much weight as a dually because they use load range F, G and H tires. Load Range H tires will hold approximately 5000# per tire (vs. 3000# on a typical Load Range E tire).

Vision 19.5" wheels are a cheaper alternative to Rickson 19.5" wheels. They are cheap, china made cast aluminum, vs. american made forged aluminum. They are also heavier (40# per wheel?) than forged aluminum, but still lighter than steel wheels.. The 81 style is an eight lug wheel for the 3/4 ton and 1 ton single wheel trucks. In both 8-170 for the newer Fords and 8-6.5 for Chevy,Dodge, and older Fords. These wheels have a 4500lb load capacity. They are lug centric not hub centric. They have 0" offset.

Cost around $175 to $200 per wheel. You might find these at Les Schwabb or DiscountTire. For more information about 19.5" wheels, check out Rickson.

Here is my truck with Rickson 19.5" wheels.