How to install MS Streets and other applications from your HD (not having to burn each ISO to a CD or whatever)
1) Extract the rar that contains the isos.
2) Extract each ISO into seperate directories on your HD, example d:\streetsdisk1, d:\streetsdisk2
3) go to d:\streetsdisk1\ and run setup_st.exe /a - the /a is very important
4) It will prompt you for the directory. It defaults do d:\streets - this is the DESTINATION NOT THE SOURCE!!!!!!
5) Let the install go, half way through it will error. You will see it looking for stuff in this dir:

a) Go to d:\ms2006disk2\streets\msmap\pfiles\msmap\data
d:\ms2006disk2\streets\msmap\pfiles\msmap\data TO:

c) Go back to the install and hit RETRY

When this is done, it has created a network installable installation package at d:\streets
You can now delete d:\ms2006disk1 and d:\ms2006disk2 and the rar file and install straight to your HD from d:\streets